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Legal Disclaimer: If you can’t use my Six Figure Copywriting to earn $100k or more THIS YEAR as a copywriter, rigor mortis has set in.

Six Figure Copywriting

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From: Harlan Kilstein, Nine Figure Copywriter


There are two kinds of copywriters. Those who make money and those who wish they could. If you are a fairly new copywriter and not making significant money, I can help you change all that – forever.

Ever since I threw my hat into the copywriting ring, I moved up the salary scale faster than anyone in history.

I can show you how to write better copy and get paid for it faster than anyone else.

In fact, people following my suggestions have moved so quickly up the salary scale, that John Carlton in a recent post wondered how this was happening.

Years ago I taught a training called Six Figure Copywriting in A Week to show I could take people who were fairly new copywriters and improve both their copy – and their income – in a week.

I can show you how to write better copy faster almost overnight.

I’ll also show you how to find clients and get them to hire you.

The people who I taught this to are now employed as full time copywriters.

And by copywriting jobs, I don’t mean trolling the Warrior Forum for $500-1000 jobs either.

Danielle Kowal was at this seminar and made the leap to six figure copywrier.

Dr. Mike Marasco – who was just learning copy – pulled in a job for nearly – ready – $50K.

And there are many, many more success stories.

But here’s the deal breaker – if this doesn’t get you to apply – you’re just not serious about being a copywriter.

The eight week course consists of 8 weeks of webinars (recorded for your review) and 8 question and answer sessions. My expectations are that before the end of the course you will be money as a copywriter.

As you read the testimonials on the page, if you want in on this training please scroll below on this page and join me. I expect you to work hard and apply all that I teach you. If you do, the money will come. Big time!

Million Dollar Michael D. Morgan – Agora Financial Copywriter


Before I started working with Harlan, I was a struggling newbie barely averaging $3000 a month.  After a year, I’m on pace to break 300K this year!  After 2 days in Vegas attending Harlan’s seminar I’ve got a new bag of tricks that I’m certain, I’ll at least double and perhaps triple my income next year.  The more I listen to Harlan, the more money I make.

Folks, if you are struggling to make more money as a copywriter, here’s the answer.

The more you use Harlan’s strategies, the more money you’ll make as a copywriter.


Mike Morgan

Chris Haddad

9 Figure Copywriter

chris haddad

“Harlan Kilstein’s  Seminar turned me on my head, slapped me around a little and utterly shattered my beliefs about what I can charge for my work.

This was utterly world-changing.”

~ Chris Haddad 

Ray Edwards – The Launch Copywriter
ray edwards copywriter

A year ago, 2 hours on the phone with Harlan doubled my fees—and cut my workload in half.

But there’s much more –

What is the truth about Harlan Kilstein?
I can’t tell you the truth.

You can’t handle the truth.

I went to the Harlan’s  seminar in Vegas, too; and it was the most valuable seminar I’ve been to. Period. Ever.

Am I getting through?

I’m not using hyperbole.

My head’s still spinning with the implications of what I learned. Field reports? Maybe. Or maybe I’ll just submerge, like a Triton submarine, and keep scooping up money, keeping the good news to myself. Run silent, run deep.


Get in on this  for sure.

Even if you can’t afford it.

Especially if you can’t afford it.

Ray Edwards

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Here’s What A List Copywriters Are Saying About Working With Harlan

– Superstar Copywriter Brian Keith VoilesBrian_Keith_Voiles

“If I had known these techniques early in my career, I’d be a mult-multi-multi millionaire by now.”

Leah Carson

Boardroom Control Holder


“Harlan, you ROCK!

The sky’s the limit now.  Using my old client negotiating process, my largest project was just over $6,000.  After using just SOME of what you taught us.  I landed a $23,000 project for one client and there’s more work after that.

It took me six months to make that much money at my last job.”

~ Leah Carson

Here’s What Regular Folks Are Saying About Boosting Their Fees With Harlan’s Training

“Learning how to identify and use client criteria in selling my services is going to be worth much more than the price of this event. 

Thanks Harlan.”

Fern Dickey


“I have worked with you for the last year.  Every single time you amaze me and blow my mind.  This seminar has assured my success.”

~Anthony Coyne


” Established rapport in seconds from 30 paces; techniques to close up to 80% of sales; know whether someone is telling you the truth or not—techniques that by themselves, could set you back 10x.  The price of the seminar each—backed by the ever over delivering Harlan Kilstein—networking with an amazing groups of participants—you shoulda been here.”

~Judy Kettenhofen


As a wannabe copywriter that has been holding off from jumping into the profession because my perception is that copywriters are a “dime a dozen”, I have been lifted to a level of awareness that changes that dismal perspective entirely.

 Value Based Copywriting has blasted that perception into smithereens and replaced it with the mindset, the tools, and the initiative to jump in and start creating value for clients and earning the respect and the money that makes it all Fun and worthwhile.

~Alan Morgan


“Harlan’s  Copywriting Seminar was great!  I learned so much about making more money as a copywriter.  I can’t wait to go back and get to work.  His secrets will help me double, triple or even quadruple my income.

Thank you, Harlan!

Once again you give us way more than we were expecting.”

 ~Kim Hardin


” Before coming to the seminar, I was getting “regular” fees, at around $2,000 to $3,000 per sales letter.  This seminar taught me how to leverage my marketing knowledge (beyond just writing a sales letter) so that I can give maximum value to my clients…. And higher fees.  I know now exactly what to say on the phone to clients and how to melt objections.

Thanks Harlan!”

~Kevin Hill


In Harlan’s  Copywriting Seminar, he takes everything he taught his six figure copywriting students over the past year and compressed it into an intense two days.  Then he goes further and packs in even more tips, tricks, and techniques that I’ve never seen before. 

 Thanks to Harlan I’m already earning over $10,000 per month.  After the past two days I expect to at least double my income .”

 ~Karl Barndt