Who Wants To Be Part of My Beta Test Group For Viral Cash Magnet?

See If You Qualify To Have a 4-5 Figure Monthly Income

Here’s What You Will Do

1. Buy a domain name
2. Buy a simple hosting plan.
3. Set up hosting on your server.

Here’s What My Team With Do in Our Done For You Program

1. Install a specific theme (you should buy this so you get updates and support).
2. Set Up Google Analytics on your site.
3. Add all plugins needed for your site to run.
4. Write 30 1000 word articles on your topic.
5. Post them to your site with photos.
6. Build a Facebook page for you.
7. Get you 2000 highly targeted Facebook likes.
8. Install Google Adsense on your site in a very specific way.
9. Post memes and articles to your Facebook page to start building your engagement.
10. Track your traffic and your money income on a detailed level.
11. Show you how to scale this traffic to rev up your income.
12. Give you 45 Days Free Access To My Viral Cash Machine.
13. One on One Sessions With Me – You’ll Need to Take Notes And Do the Work

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Do You Qualify:

  1. You must be an action taker.
  2. You must be willing to take the reasonable steps I outline to you in the consultation call.

Why is there no price listed?

Very simply. Some people may require more services. Some people are already advanced and don’t need my team to do the work. It wouldn’t be fair to charge people for work they can do themselves. Similarly, some people may want us to do EVERYTHING and it wouldn’t be fair to us.

We are talking about a serious business here and it’s definitely not one size fits all.

This is a a low risk program with a high upside potential. Obviously, it is not a ” blue light special” or a “WSO”.

Frankly, if you are not so fed up with the empty promises, disappointments, and failure of tricks and gimmicks, and ready to make a serious commitment to really building a business that works, then this Program is not for you.

Over time, the costs of staying where you are, in money wasted on silly schemes, certainly far exceeds your investment in this Program. More importantly, only you can decide just how valuable a regular income, and valuable business you can sell is worth to you. For example, is it worth as much as your last or next vacation? I suggest you make this decision AFTER your initial consultation, when you have all the facts. Then YOU decide.

Please read my guarantee very carefully. It is my goal that your site will be earning 4-5 figures a month within 2-3 months of your joining. When my team has finished what it has committed to do, we will hand off to you. You must continue to do the work OR you will be able to hire my team to continue for you on a month to month basis.
You understand that there are no refunds for this program. My personal guarantee is that I will work with you until you are making at least 4 figures a month.
You agree to attend all personal sessions and follow recorded sessions in the Facebook group. 
Once again, by scheduling a session with me, you agree there will be no refunds, chargebacks, claims of deception, did not deliver etc. There is no refund period on these services.

Your Guarantee:
You agree that you will do all of the work in the program unless you have selected my team to do it. You agree that as a Beta Tester, you will share your results with me and once you reach four/five figures a month I may brag about your success with the entire world.