Group Copy Program

Thanks for your interest in my program. There’s is a limit of 10 members maximum for this program.
(For those of you who are wondering when the next time they can join is, there are no plans to offer this again at this time.)

Here’s The Outline:

Week Number One: Class One
Headlines, the art of the swipe, subheads, transitions

Week Number One: Class Two
Feedback, language level, choice of words, power words

Week Number Two: Class One
Bullet Formulas, open bullets, closed bullets, AB→C bullets

Week Number Two: Class Two
Feedback, Where to place bullets, letter pace and flow

Week Number Three: Class One
The Offer, Guarantee, Bonuses, and Close

Week Number Three: Class Two:
Feedback and Intro to Layout

Week Number Four: Class One
Choosing The Appropriate Tone and Voice

Week Number Four: Class Two
Feedback and the Art of Choosing the Correct Swipe

Week Number Five: Class One
The VSL – what works and what doesn’t

Week Number Five: Class Two
VSL techniques

Week Number Six: Class One
The Copy Greats – Who To Use When

Week Number Six: Class Two
Making Your Work Stand Out

Week Number Seven: Class One
Choosing Your Own Swipe

Week Number Seven: Class Two
Feedback on Your Swipe

Week Number Eight: Class One
Short Copy and Emails

Week Number Eight: Class Two
Your future. Where your copy needs to go from here.

All Classes Will Be Recorded and Posted in Our Facebook Group
That’s where you will post your work for feedback.

The cost of the program is $5000.

There is a $1000 scholarship for paid in full. Paid In Full Order Button

2 Payments of $2500 Two Pay Order Button

Want to use a credit card? Contact Sandra at 561-395-7400 or