I’m Harlan Kilstein

Marketing Expert & NLP Master Coach

Master Class: Other Than Conscious Sales Training

Sales Training

Revealing highly effective NLP and OTCC Sales Techniques for high performers.

This 2 Hour Master Class will reveal subtle techniques that will enable you to close more classes with consistency.

Eliminate guesswork and missed sales. You’ll have a technique that’s immediately verifiable in the real-world of sales.

What The Master Class Will Cover

  • Greeting the Other Than Conscious (The Instant Rapport Technique)
  • Callibrations – How to Read Your Clients Thoughts With Certainty
  • Out of Conscious Systems – How To Use them For Unconscious Sales
  • Cross-Filing – How to Become Aware of Your Patterns and Those of Your Clients
  • A Simple Shift of Your Thinking That Makes a Big Difference.
Doubling Your Bottom Line With Your Other Than Conscious Mind

Communicate Other Than Consciously

Dr. Dave Dobson was the founder of Other Than Conscious Communication. Up until his passing, Dave taught his magic at his home in Friday Harbor, WA.

Dave left behind a handful of dedicated students with tools to help people make changes in their lives.

Harlan Kilstein is one of those people who made numerous pilgramages to spend time with Dave.  Not only did he absorb his teachings, he’s been using and teaching them for the past 2 decades.

Expert in non-verbal communication

Master NLP Coach

Certified NLP Modeling Expert

Multi-level Communication

What is Other Than Conscious Communication?

Dave Dobson had the ability to help people change outside of their awareness. People came to him for both challenges in business and their personal lives.

They left changed usually without any understanding of what Dave had done.

His handful of students carry on his teachings in helping people in myriads of ways.

About Me

Harlan Kilstein began studying NLP in 1975. He studied with the original teachers of NLP Richard Bandler and John Grinder.

He went on to obtain certification in Modeling from David Gordon one of the early teachers of NLP.

He meet Dr. Dave Dobson in 2000 and spent much of the next 8 years studying with Dave and applying his teachings.

He has a doctorate in education from Yeshiva University and did post-doctoral work at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education.

His thesis studied the effects of NLP Techniques in the classroom.

Partial Client List

Jay Abraham

Frank Kern

Ed Dale

Rich Schefren

Perry Marshall

Harv Eker

Sylvia Browne

Wayne Dyer

Russel Brunson

Kevin Nations

Robbins Madanes Coaching

Neale Donald Walsh

Reach Beyond the Possible. Exceed Your Goals. Go to Places Your Only Dreamed Of.

Most people go through life limited by their beliefs.

Being able to move beyond what your thought possible is the key to living a fulfilled life.

The number one emotion stopping most people is fear. Freedom from fear is the key to breaking through old limitations.

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Forging Your Own Path Today!