No Objection Selling


My name is Harlan Kilstein. I’m known as a kick-ass copywriter who has made hundreds of millions of dollars for my clients. I’m the Ninja marketing guy people bring in to turn their business around.

And my background has zero to do with copywriting, marketing or sales.

And that is quite the story…

I was ordained a Rabbi and got my doctorate in education.  The only thing I sold was a box of Passover macaroons to my brother.  (He sold me a box too).

I was sitting in a classroom at Harvard’s Graduate School of Education when it hit me.  I didn’t want to be a Headmaster anymore.

I wanted to use my communication skills in business.

And that’s when I met Dr. Dave Dobson.

One of the greatest communicators in the world, he was Tony Robbins’ teacher.

I spent 8 years soaking up his every teaching.

And out of that came the No Objection Selling Process.

And when I work with clients, my goal is very clear.

The outcome is simple: eliminate sales objections and start attracting a steady stream of new clients into your services and programs.

I’m aiming to add around $20-45k/month to your business (depending on what you already have in place), and we’ll give you everything you need to make that happen… without any of the typical high-pressure, fake scarcity strategies.

To do that, we’ll solve the 3 biggest problems that stop coaches, educators, sales people and service providers from selling consistently all year round without sales objections:

1. Having a “pushy sales” approach
2. Inconsistent and incongruent sales methods
3. Poor lead conversion

First, we have to move away from having a pushy sales approach. The biggest issue most folks have is they use high-pressure tactics, and their offers don’t work without these methods. It’s tough to sell… and people hate selling with high pressxure tactics and worse – clients don’t respond well to these tactics,

People want to BUY. They don’t want to BE SOLD. In fact, they are afraid someone is going to push them.

And they get their defenses up:

I can’t afford this.
I need to talk to my spouse, business partner, astrologer…
I need to think about it.

The goal of No Objection Sales is to make sure you never hear these “objections.”

I put the word “objections” in quotes because they are not real.

To fix this…

• We’ll start by teaching you how to establish instant rapport with your clients. Until you’ve seen this in action – it takes just seconds, you’ll refuse to believe it even exists. (Tony ALWAYS does this)
• Next, you’ll discover how to read your client’s non verbal communication.  You’ll know they are thinking throughout the process. You will have cracked the code to exactly what they are thinking.
• Then we’ll work on structuring your presentation so it aligns completely with their most highly valued desired and beliefs..
The result? You’ll already have three powerful leverage points to lock up the sale – but there’s much more to come.

The second problem we’ll solve is sales being inconsistent… and incongruent with who you are.

It’s hard to convert people into your programs consistently when you don’t have a method that works… or feels right.
So I’ll walk you through setting up a simple “conversion plan” to close every sale .
• First up, you’ll want a system to motivate the people who are ready to get started right away: We call these folks 5-Star Prospects… closing them consistently – one after the other is our goal. (You’ll start to see a difference in the first few weeks).
• Next, we’ll help you build a simple system that builds trust and nurtures the relationship you have with people who aren’t ready to get started now… but who WILL be ready later.
• Finally, after closing sale after sale – almost at will – you’ll discover you can raise your prices without any drop off in sales.

The third big problem is changing your sales mindset.

If you’re trying to make your business achieve consistent sales with no objections, you’ll have to radically change your mindset.  Most sales people know that “selling” brings up negative imagery. People don’t grow up wanting to become a sales person. When we change your image of selling it becomes apparent to your clients that you are different.

To fix this…
• We’ll change your image of selling so that you’ll never think of it the same way.

The end result is that your business will have consistent sales with no objections. So, your conversions will go up, with less work… and you’ll feel confident knowing that you’re selling in a way that fits with you and your business.

I’ll be working with you one-on-one over the next six weeks to turn your business into a successful case study… so I’ll want to make sure you can implement, test, and report back on the results.
I’m ready to get started right away… and I’m inviting you to join me.

Here’s how everything will work…

Once you join, you’ll get access to the schedule your first session of the No Objection Sales System straight away. The first call shows you how to get instant rapport with everyone you meet.

We’ll meet on every week to work through the system. There are real life homework assignments that will convince you No Objection Sales is real and not a pipe dream.

I really want to create some great case stories… so I’ll be spending lots of one-on-one time with you during the coaching calls to make sure we maximize your results.

I assure you the cost of this program is not a blue lights special. Nor is it a $49 conquer the world program where you are savaged by texts and emails into submission.

And I just need to know if you want me on your team for the experience of your life.
My expectations are you will make back your investment quickly.

All I Want From You Is A Solid Maybe.

No Objection Selling will help you effortlessly sell more than ever before.

Let’s hop on a ten minute call and see if there’s enough synergy for us to spend some quality time talking.

This is not a sales call – not even a sales call in disguise.

Schedule it here

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