Rapidly Grow A Monthly Income And Become The Authority With Facebook Groups!

Brought to you by Dr. Harlan Kilstein who has made millions and millions and millions of dollars with Facebook groups.

Forget the “wannabes”. Dr Kilstein was the first to teach Facebook groups publicly and today Facebook consults with him on groups.

Week One: Is it a possible 7 figure niche? What’s selling in it? And secret tools to spy on Amazon and see EXACTLY how much money a month people are making in that niche!

Week Two: Accelerated Group Growth Different ways including ads, emails, and bots to grow your group. Do all three and your group will explode.

Week Three: Your website. This will become the base of operations and multiple sales. We’ll go over exactly what needs to happen to make the magic of 1+1 = 3. Yes that’s correct and I’ll explain it here.

Week Four: Product Creation: what type of product will it be? Who will create it? Will it be digital? Physical? Or Something else?

Week Five: OPM – how to grow your business with Other Peoples’ Money. The best places to get the capital you need for inventory and business growth. PLUS all about money: LTV, ACV, tracking tracking and tracking.

My Reassuring Money Back Guarantee

Not quite sure? You have seven days to dive into the modules of the My Facebook Group Growth System. If you decide that this program is going to require you to step too far out of your comfort zone or that you’re simply not committed enough to building a successful 7 figure Facebook group and business, then simply request your full refund before the rest of the video modules are made available to you. I’ll happily give you your money back! Beyond the seven days after you purchase, I will assume that you are committed to the process. Your non-participation will not be a valid reason for a refund request beyond the seven-day refund period.

Please note, all materials are in the new Special Facebook Group. There are no emails. It is your job to follow the events in the group to be notified of all webinars and replays.

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