The Greatest Swipe File From the Copywriter You Never heard Of!

Harlan and Frank Kern use Jedi Mind Tricks on the Crowd at Mass control.

Every great marketer has a swipe file of great websites or sales letters in their market.

They study them to make more sales.

Copywriters like me hoard them, collect them, and treasure them.

I learned that in case of a fire, most copywriters would move to save their swipe files first.

I learned to get on mailing lists and collect examples of great copy.

Then I found a copywriter was retiring and I bought his swipe files.

My collection was exploding when a legend in the copy world retired and sold HIS copy files.

Boxes and boxes arrived in my office.

Sandra my assistant set up file cabinets filled with swipe files organized by topic.

Business Opportunities

Finances and Investments

Personal Development



Famous Copywriters

Yes I collected everything people like John Carlton, Gary Halbert, Dan Kennedy wrote.

Yes, I had my Perry Marshall, Frank Kern, Eben Pagan, Matt Furey, and Jay Abraham files.

I bought 6 entire binders of Jay Abraham swipe files.

And I would study these swipe files and use them.

Take for example the famous Wall Street Journal.

It was the most successful sales letter of all time.

It sold 2 billion dollars in sales.

I modeled that letter on one of my early copy jobs.

I wrote for the late “psychic” Sylvia Browne using that letter as a model.

It converted at a crazy response rate.

Life was good.

Then my friend Jim alerted me about a sales letter that came to his house.

It was bizarre.

Then I did some research and found out who had written it.

We took that letter and modeled it.

We mailed it to a cold list of addresses we collected.

Days later I started receiving envelopes full of cash.

Holy cow!

I had never seen a letter that effective.

I started to trace the copywriter and discovered something:

This copywriter was more interested in making money for himself and his clients than he was in fame.

I sent out a request to interview him – ignored.

I contacted his lawyers office with a request to interview him – ignored.

So I got on more lists and collected his letters.

Each one was more amazing than the other.

I showed one letter to Frank Kern.

He couldn’t believe it! To this day when he sees me he jokes about it.

But it affected his writing.

He now writes in a much more simple style.

So I collected these letters and Sandra filed them away.

And we forgot about them for 12 years!

I found them and sat down and started to read them!


One letter has out performed the Wall Street Journal letter.

It’s made over 5 BILLION dollars

and there’s so much more as well.

If you want to discover these lost secrets from a copywriter no one has heard of…

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