Two Words To Change Your Life

Week Zero:

What is Hypnosis

Mining For Gold Inside You

Week One:

The Confidence Creator

Motivation Magic

Week Two:

Unstoppable Confidence

Daily Motivation

Week Three:

Confident Mindset

Rapid Motivation

Week Four:

Building a Confident Future

Motivation Mastery

Guarantee for Two WordsYou have two weeks – 14 full days – to dive into the first two sessions of the Two Words Program.
If you decide that this program is going to require you to step too far out of your comfort zone, or that you’re simply not committed enough to change your life, then simply request your full refund before the rest of the sessions are made available to you.

Beyond the two weeks after you register, I will assume that you are committed to the process. Your non-participation will not be a valid reason for a refund request beyond the two week refund period.

In addition, to qualify for the refund, you must show you actually listened to the sessions and did the work required. You will be asked for this if you submit a refund request.