Google Wants To Send You Money Every Month

Yahoo Wants To Send You Money Every Month

It’s not a dream. You could earn 4-5 figures a month like clockwork every single month. And at some point in the future, you can cash it – big time.

In April I started the Beta Program of the Viral Cash Magnet program.  I’m happy to report that many of these folks are earning 4-5 figures a month.

In fact, some of them are showing better statistics than my own DogingtonPost!



And how do I feel about the fact that one of my own students is building a site more powerful than my own?


And I’ll feel even better when your site does the same.

My Virtual Cash Magnet is opening once again.  This program will take place in a tightly knit Facebook group.  I’ll be releasing step-by-step videos of exactly what to do so you can have your own powerful site.

Here’s What We Will Cover in this Program:

  • What ranges of niches should you select? I’ll show you which niches make the most money.

  • How to choose a domain name and what not to do.

  • Where you should host your site (hint: NOT Godaddy, Hostgator, or Bluehost). You’ve got to have a hosting company you can rely on.

  • Which theme you should install on your site and how to set it up for maximum effectiveness (and maximum money).

  • How to set up Google Analytics on your site.

  • Using tracking links so you can see where you are making money. (Extremely important!)

  • How to write articles Google will love (and people will click on).

  • How to post articles to your site with photos. (There are special rules if you don’t have AdSense yet).

  • Google’s newest rules designed to make you MORE money. And how to make maximum money out of every post you make.

  • How to place Google AdSense on your site. Which ads do you use and where do you place them.

  • How to place Yahoo Ads on your site.

  • How to build a Facebook page for your site.

  • How to get the cheapest possible likes for your Facebook page.

  • How to get great engagement on your Facebook page.

  • How to track your traffic (and your income).

  • How to test and scale for success.

  • 45 days of access to my Viral Curation software.

  • Personal invitations to some of the highest paying programs online as your site grows.

Here’s What It Takes To Qualify:

  1. You must be an action taker.

  2. You must follow the plan step by step. (If you change the recipe, don’t be surprised if the cake doesn’t turn out as planned.)

  3. You must have a positive success attitude.

Why Are There Upsells?

Personally I hate upsells. However I recognize some people want more services. Others are more advanced and don’t need my team to do the work. It wouldn’t be fair to charge people for work they don’t need. Similarly, some people want us to do everything and it wouldn’t be fair to us.

We are talking about a real business here. Although some people make 4 figures in the first few months, we recognize everyone is different.  This is a low risk program with a huge upside potential.  It is NOT one size fits all.

Frankly, if you’re still interested in chasing quick money schemes, tricks and gimmicks (there’s always a price to pay) this probably isn’t for you. If you aren’t fed up with empty promises, disappointments and failures, and to make a real commitment to really building a business that works, then this Program is not for you and I don’t want your money.

Over time, the costs of staying where you are – and the cost of investing in silly schemes – certainly exceeds the cost of your investment in this program.  More importantly, the ultimate goal is in selling your site down the road for a significant multiple of your investment.

Is owning a successful site worth as much as your last or next vacation?

My Reassuring Guarantee:

Your Guarantee:
You agree that you will do all of the work in the program unless you have selected my team to do it. You agree, you will share your results with me and once you reach four/five/six figures a month I may brag about your success with the entire world.

My Guarantee:

Please read my guarantee very carefully. It is my goal that your site will be earning a steady monthly income. Similar sites can earn from 4-6 figures a month. When my program has finished what it has committed to do, we will hand off to you. You must continue to do the work OR you will be able to hire my team to continue for you on a month to month basis.
You understand that there are no refunds for this program. My personal guarantee is that I will work and support you in the Facebook group for a minimum of one year. You agree to attend all webinars or/and follow recorded sessions in the membership group.
Once again, by purchasing this program, you agree there will be no refunds, chargebacks, claims of deception, did not deliver etc. You agree not to file a charge back or refund request with either PayPal or any credit card company. There is no refund period on these services.  Your non-participation for any reason will not be a valid reason for a refund request.





If any of these plans don’t work for you, please email Sandra at Include your phone number and time zone.