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If you’ve ever wanted to walk around the neighborhood with the velocity of a hungry pitbull (adding spring to your step
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Here’s what this is all about: My name is Michael O’Leary, and until recently I was your basic immobilized arthritis
“victim”. I had suffered with arthritis for many years— some days I’d be able to enjoy a normal pain-free life… while the
next afternoon my knees, fingers and hips would be killing me. I swear I’ve stood in my doctor’s office writhing in pain,
vowing to drown away my pain with Valium for the rest of my life.
Doesn’t it drive you nuts? I had no predictability to when my body would seize up, even after 12 years of following my
doctor’s recommendations. No way to tell what would trigger the debilitating pain. And it wasn’t for lack of trying, either —
I’d easily dropped several thousand dollars having “experts” tell me what medicines and secret supplements to take. And
they were all completely ineffective…
Yeah, right.
Fortunately, I’m The Kind Of Guy
Who Will Bitch To Anyone Who’ll Listen!
That’s how I ran into Mitt Wallace. And my life instantly changed forever. In a few short weeks after listening to Mitt’s
• I had infused my body with so much new agility that I was consistently walking faster than I ever had before!
(And you should have seen the look on my friend’s faces when I started outpacing them on our morning walks!)
• I saw a 110% improvement in my range of motion! (Before I couldn’t even touch my knees, I was now able to
touch my toes! That’s something even many people without arthritis can’t claim!)
• Plus — incredibly…
My Joints Were Moving Smooth as Silk
In Less Than Three Months!
And it just gets better and better! My “pain” completely disappeared. And I became fearless enjoying new activities,
such as playing golf, tennis, and painting. As if I had magical powers.
But it’s not magic at all! You see, what I learned from Mitt had almost nothing to do with me… and everything to do
with the amazing new health routine he’d developed over the years. He calls it the “Triple Arthritis Exterminator”, and
he got the idea for it over five years ago while watching an 85 year old immigrant butcher slicing meat. Back then, Mitt had
already partially recovered from his arthritis, as he tried to cope with his disability. Yet his life — and his demand as an
exclusive teacher of arthritis relief— was about to change forever.
Mitt actually felt sorry for the 85 year old immigrant butcher who sliced pound after pound of meat everyday. Until he
saw him slice twice the meat in half the time, while maintaining a smooth grace even his younger co-workers couldn’t
manage! Imagine how this 85 year old immigrant butcher must have looked outpacing his youthful fellow butchers. Mitt
was sure the poor guy would be in agonizing pain.
But he wasn’t. In fact, he moved his whole body as gracefully as a teenager … and in a flash of insight, Mitt saw the
This 85 Year Old Immigrant Butcher
Had An Advantage Over His Younger Co-workers!
It was because this man was forced to improve his health. Mitt will explain the chemistry and what his diet was to you
later — that he was able to “supercharge” his ability to slice meat by letting his body naturally heal. Yet he remained pain
free all day long… able to complete repetitive motions that would normally cripple someone of his age.
The Triple Arthritis Exterminator Mitt developed after using this immigrant’s secrets are so simple, yet so powerful.
Anyone — can use them to turn their body into a well lubricated, elegant machine. By starting this nutritional plan sooner,
your body will thank you… giving you complete arthritis relief forever!
How can a simple nutrition plan do all this for you? Easy… because this new nutrition plan…
Uses Your Natural Ability
To “Heal” Your Body Without Relying On
Pills, Medicine, and Other Crazy Concoctions!
Anyway, there’s a very good reason I’m telling you all this. You see, for years the only way to learn this amazing Triple
Arthritis Exterminator was to hire Milt Wallace as your personal nutritionist… and he never came cheap! In fact, for the
last 10 years he’s been charging $225 an hour, with a minimum of 6 hours in a package — meaning it would have cost
you $1,350 just in fees to learn this nutrition program! That is, if you could nail him down for an appointment. He is
The Most Sought-After
Nutritionist In The Country!
And Milt would have gone on giving only personal instruction for staggering fees until I convinced him of a very simple
economic fact. If he would allow me to videotape him teaching his Triple Arthritis Exterminator… and sell these tapes
to people even for a slight fraction of his fee… I knew that within a year’s time, so many people worldwide would buy the
videos that Milt would never have to give another personal session again! He could actually make a better living by
charging “spare change”, while enlarging his audience, than he could by gutting a few wealthy arthritis sufferers a month
for his “Cadillac” fees.
And Milt agreed… sort of. Actually, he made me a deal: we could “test” this low-cost offer in a few places, and if it did
well, the deal was on. If it didn’t, however…